UI / UX to WordPress Website


Vizibo Digital is an upcoming agency that specializes in data driven analysis by measuring and tracking the health of digital channels and helping you power your decisions with data.

As its chosen digital agency, PGS took on the challenge of creating the  industry’s best online web presence and lead generation as a core feature for the website.

We designed the user interface on paper and later digitized  for User Experience and eventually built a html prototype before converting to a full working  CMS website in WordPress.

Our Approach

PGS recognized early on that Vizibo Digital  were driven by just a few important use cases, not a dozen. To make sure users could quickly find and book their website audits, we ruthlessly prioritized, slashing the user journey within the website with carefully placed call to action feature prominently on the homepage. Our minimalist experience let users sign up for audits and hence generated more leads.

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